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March 8, 2015

Was reading Theologian text about Paul & the early Christian Pauline movement. Very early interpretation of Christianity.

Summary – Pauline, as distinct from Jesus Christ himself, disapproved of sex and alcohol consumption among Christians adding the idea or interpretation that if you drink alcohol you can not enter the kingdom of God.

Divided, many Christians, who could not choose, frowned on alcohol consumption and the church enforced their prohibition. During the enlightenment, philosophy ideas such as national identity, property ownership, prosperity, separation of church and state, bred modern 19th – 21st century realities such as 21st amendment (repeal of prohibition) on US Constitution and personal freedom to make ones own decision in life (including participation within free market commerce).

Others, who prefer to make your choices for you based on profit, entitlement, or religious grounds formed Christian fundamentalist groups such as Cult of James, Oxford Group, etc. who administer often times *forced treatment programs on unwilling patients such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous that effectively prohibit alcohol consumption on tax payers dime. A violation of civil rights.

Clearly these should be medical healthcare decisions or those of the individual, not Pauline ideas.

Keep A brother down!

Do you think that I’m being unfair? Please post comment

*not honor or accept their persistence that your being treated as a volunteer.
*Your supposed disease symptoms and confusion are of their manufacture to trick you into thinking you’re ill, & need treatment (Religious motive based on fake medical justification).
*Conspiracy among so called family, friends, educators, & administers to tell nobody if asked. Hush.
*Not answering truthfully about compensation, identity, tactics, deception, manipulation, programs, privacy, drugging, medical credentials (of fake doctors) when asked.


Angels Suck!

March 5, 2015

Went to Angels Stadium to watch Major League Baseball practice. Drinking few Bud Light, Miller, Newcastle Brown, Guinness, & Heineken beer with plan to get TAXI afterwards to Newport Beach pier when sum Oxford asshole wearing C.J Wilson MLB licensed T-shirt stole my whole cool booze igloo.

Stupid Oxford cunt!

Note to self

November 14, 2011

Cause of Action: Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Limitation: 2 years
Statute:(Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann.)
Section 12-542 Mohave Elec. Coop. v. Byers, 942 P.2d 451, 469 (Ariz. Ct. App. 1997)


i know Howz GoDaddy.com screw their customers

September 18, 2010

This is the last post from Your Mixed State & The Fleiss. I will be changing my label name and the band name also. Say thanks GoDaddy.com (don’t trust this company your Life; they would sell their own Mother’s soul to the Devil)

Here’s a horror story 4u

On 9/16/2010 i sent a message 2 GoDaddy.com customer service asking for my account password as i intend to re-register my domain names (Your Mixed State & The Fleiss had expired).  Both domain names were parked by GoDaddy and with an option to re-register. Available.    

9/17 /2010 GoDaddy send my password reset info butt when i go to re-register i find that both sites are parking adds for Xanax. They have been bought by a foreign company (one of their own customers).

i call GoDaddy to find out why my domain names are gone. Lucky 4 me they they offer A $69.00 + commission program to broker a price for my former names! They claim that the sites were purchased a week ago by one of their customers butt this is not true as i had been on the site the previous day (it was available). I had tipped them off with my intent to register thru customer service & the purchase information probably backdated.

i liken this type behavior as similar those who walk round with baseball bats smashing car windows to drum up business 4 their glass installation business.

Why this is important. GoDaddy.com offer services from domain name registration to full Internet site programming. When u hand over information to a business you are trusting them with sensitive information about your business, including in part…your business plans. 

GoDaddy.com has proven to me that they will hold you hostage to information they obtain thru customer service & do not understand the principle of Life Time Value of a customer. Customer service should help customers, not screw them over.

Goodbye GoDaddy.com. i wont pay your extortion scam. Yes on the phone you denied this butt give me a break I wasn’t born yesterday. I shall enjoy the day thinking of a new label and band name.


A Poem: Labor Day Blues

September 6, 2010

Labor Day Blues is a poem written and performed by Glen ugly Naughty.

Labor Day
L.A Bor Day
Pets, Party, Friends at your house
Wine & BBQ with your spouse

(Exception: That’s of course unless your Gay
In the Golden State of California (Califor-NI-A)

Be Warned,
The mailman carries no letters today
Boy’s who carry the news are on overtime pay
So Leisure…Relax…Enjoy the sun
Weiner Dog, well done with cheese on bun.

Share Pacifica with your union boss
“Pullman Strike” stories he digs a lot
then ask…”Will Labor Day be here next year…
Points to the sea, despair
if all our Jobs are…over there?

That was Labor Day Blues a poem written & performed by Glen ugly Naughty.

Produced by Tom Ford.

Surreal Blend Well Worth A Check Out

August 31, 2010
Surreal Blend on 97.3 Can be downloaded from PodBean

Surreal Blend on 97.3 Can be downloaded from PodBean

Surreal Blend is a killer Monday morning radio show & podcast ideal for indie & alt pop music fans. The show is hosted DJ Enzo & airs on wrir 97.3 Richmond Independent Radio (Virginia).  i did stumble upon  the show via Yahoo! Alerts (i Monitor The Fleiss) & look forward to downloading new weekly episodes 4 my iPod. 

A few cool bands on this playlist include Morrissey, Flight of the Conchord, Nada Surf, T.V on the Radio, plus an introduction to a spectrum of new bands you may not have heard yet. 

The Sun appears as a major theme for this particular episode & you can download from PodBean. 

Consistency in quality programming is vital & Surreal Blend delivers. An older 2008 archived show features bands like XTC, Blur, The Fleiss, Suede, Belle & Sebastian, Dogs Die in Hot Cars, & Clap Your Hands & Say Yeah! It’s an A+ must 4 true indie folks & radio4all hosts that show here.

Glen ugly Naughty (GuN)
Artsit & New Gossip Columnist


Glen Naughty banned from “Ultimate Social Artist” 2010 Contest

August 25, 2010

Frontrunner candidate, Glen ugly Naughty (GuN) has been banned from the Ultimate Social Artist” 2010 Contest.

The shocking news stunned indie pop fans country wide who support The Fleiss music.

Damon Cleveland, the C.E.O of TheIndie.biz, (the company who runs the competition) revealed evidence of register fraud and accused the artist of blatant “Tom Foolery”. He states, “It’s clear Glen Naughty has purchased INXS of 1000 copies of his own song title A Wall Street Toy in order to deceive the judges & win the sweepstakes. The decision to ban the artist was a difficult one, yet a necessary evil. Good riddance to bad rubbish”

Glen Naughty was not available for comment. According to his publicist Tom Ford, GuN is overseas on Safari in Switzerland butt denies any wrong doing. He plans to appeal the decision by citing the Book of James.

by Gay Murdoch
Special Report

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