The Fleiss Tee Shirts Available from AudioLife

Be cool as fuck like Glen Naughty! You can use the AudioLife widget to buy American Apparel, Hanes & Bella tees plus mp3 song files & ringtones from The Fleiss. The new Your Mixed State plain white tee’s show a 7″ 45rpm record of the propsed “4 Acoustasonic LUV Songs” on a music notes tab background. A wide range of folks will take pride owning this great shirt from out of control tweens, grungy teens all the way up to the Dead Heads & all in between. This is the record the major lables are trying to kill. A quality design of black ink printed on cotton custom designed by GuN himself on Adobe Illustrator. The tee shirt lists the song names A Wall Street Toy, Stephen J Proctor Jr, Anarchy On A Small Business Blog & The Worldwide Fleiss Tour. It’s also a reminder for fans to focus on quality.

Feel free to copy code & share the AudioLife widget.

Buy your The Fleiss “4 Acoustasonic LUV Songs” tee’s today


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