Grungy Extra Fancy tape found at garage sale

As reported hands on the bible by Glen ugly Naughty (GuN)

Early this morning, as the AM sun did rise sky high, i took a side road near Euclid & Ball & pretended to be a busy body nosing around Granny Smith’s garage sale; all 2 avoid detection of an astute detective from the Anaheim Police Department tailing my Schwinn.

Extra Fancy tapeSometimes rotten luck can turn great and i knew it’s worth when i saw it through the corner of my eyes.  The retired teacher had an limited edition grungy Extra Fancy cassette in her grown daughters Samsung suitcase with a sticker price of 50 cent.

Quick smart i handed her 50 pennies i stole from her Amoire when she wasn’t looking…she was flogging that cheap 2. I wonder 2 myself if she knew the true vaue of that Frank Sinatra 7″ 45rpm of “That’s Life”

Once the hot fuzz had split, it’s back to my house & pop Extra Fancy into the old Sony Walkman 2 listen 2 this rare one side tape. 

Very cool tracks are flashback demo recordings from 1994 Hollywood indie scene that include a funny one of underground cult hit “Movie Stars” called “Porno Stars”.

Self Made
What i have
Prey 4 old men
Movie Stars
What i have
Porno Stars

I can’t beleive my fortune, it’s like poetry. The turning of the tide basic e like the turning of the wheels that whirl cassette tape in motion. Literacy brilliance! I’m on fire.

GuN out, gotta go, pigs ring my bell @ the door. Whats that noise in my head. I’ve Disappeared.


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