Radioactive Man #711 – Special Origin Issue – Bongo Comic Books

Review by Glen ugly Naughty (GuN)

I’d beanz you sees @ The Other Place utilzing The Pub & Grub, an observer of the skillful baby grand piano players hands. Took the long walk to my house 2 work off the 11 MGD’s & radio active manpies so went the extra mile & stop @ the 711 & got Anchor Milk box half gallon for my Lipton Tea plus Kettle Sea Salt & Vinegar crisps. mmm Yum brands!

On the glass counter the (either Arab or Indian) 711 Franchise owner had a pile of comic books next 2 the IBM scanner so i rummaged through and Voila!!! Radioactive man!

It’s been decades since i’ve read a comic book but being a great fan of The Simpsons had to check out Homer the comic book hero and his sidekick Fallout Boy (Millhouse). I felt like a kid as i fingered through the 32 pages of entertainment comedy mad with hysterics. Matt Groening cracks me up with his genius antiques .

This special origin issue (#711) had three stories. First, The True Origin of Radioactive Man; second, The Amazing Radioactive Spider; and finally, Planet of radio active man backthe Strange O‘s. My favorite was the middle story, the radioactive spider was a clear spoof on Spiderman movies complete with giant spiders, nerds & jocks from Zenith high & of course Radioactive man a complete dunce of a hero making things worse off with each action hero move.

After reading the comics i did start to read the advertisments only to figure out that there where all funny sham ads. this turned out to be the highlight. Krusty Smith & Co. House of Novelties on the inside cover was halarious selling joke items such as Live Stink Bugs 2 be unpopular, 9 foot hydrogen balloon that explodes in disaster, joke gum that melts your tounge & teeth & special offers that expire in Feb 1963.

Anyhowz, i’m sold on Radioactive Man now, i feel young again rejuvinated having read a comic book and those drunken knights that bring on those sometimes cursed impulse purchases from convenience stores sometimes pay off.


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