Betty & The Werewolves 7″ 45 – David Cassidy – Damaged Goods Records U.K

Stephen Rudderham sent me this cool 7″ 45  RPM  via Royal Mail from across the Pond. The Sun never sets on The British Empire. He knew it was my Birthday & 45 singles make a great surprise. It’s The  Gift That Keeps Giving

The Disk is A release from the band “Betty & The Werewolves” & the Single call is “David Cassidy” released on Damaged Goods Records.  I assume the song title refers to the well known Actor from the Partridge Family t.v show & musician David Cassidy 

The vinyl 7″ 45RPM record Jacket has A cool picture of a womans face being assembled by many hands like A Jig Saw puzzle. It’s an Adobe Photoshop magic FX i am sure ( i studied under COX)

WOW! The vinyl itself is great. Thick high quality Purple Wax with embedded Glitter; A collectors edition (rhetorical askmark). I played the 7″ 45 on my Sony Turntable hooked up to the Aux of my Panasonic Stereo System. Wot A great indie pop sound. I played it actually 7 Times sraight 

Betty & The Werewolves have Dunn great Jobs on this record. It’s Female fronted vocals, poppy Fender Guitar Rifts, Jay Z Bass & Pearl Jams on drums Mould & Fuse together well. It’s Fresh & Easy 2 listen 2 and brings back great memories of the indie pop Daze like Blondie, or perhaps A Ladyman fronted “The Wedding Present”. That’s Weird. Anyhow, this 7″ 45RPM  makes a great addition to my record growing collection.

The only downside to this record is it’s lack of Download Coupons (A Mobility Enabler)  & it’s Ill titled B-Side. It’s still Great though & A Best Buy 4 All


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