Test Pressing Arrives UPS from Rainbo Records

Great news! My test pressing did arrive from Rainbo Records on UPS today

A test pressing may also be called a White Label which is essentially A Dummy record that can be played and tested before the full product run.
I did check the record for errors and it seems to be AOK.. There are 4 sides to the upcoming Fleiss 45 so 4 copies of 4 sides where issues as test pressings

Wow! Rick Lepore delivered as promised All 4  sides, A,B,X & Z of the new upcoming e.p Fleiss release on Your Mixed Stare, LLC titled “Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings”. The quality of the record manufacture is outstanding & I AM looking forward to the full run that will include the artwork & full track listing.. I told Rick to “Lock & Load” & “Send the Wax to the Max”  (a music biz term 4 “”Start of full production run”). He told me selling of vinyl records especially 7″ 45′ is on the upturn & they are busy selling all kinds of records for Christmas

As you can see my desk in The Office is a mess right now (i need a professional organizer) butt things are allways Mad @ Your Mixed State

Here is a Coolpix of the Test Pressing. The A side 4 The Fleiss e.p “Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings” is called “Anarchy On A Small Business Blog – (Jan Norman’s Blog)'” It’s been specially remixed 4 vinyl

Here is a rare picture of a test pressing. As u can see Quality is Job #1

Additional updates & details of the new record from Your Mixed State, LLC will be coming soon so join our Feedburner to always be connected



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