16mm Musical May b Silver Bullet 4 Fleiss Singer

Fleiss singer Glen ugly Naughty (GuN) is planning the possible production of a short indie pop musical based on the music & songs of upcoming Your Mixed State, LLC release Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings. The new production could also include new previously unreleased songs by The Fleiss & scripts writen utilizing The Green Goat Method of Accord (GuN’s personal Philosophy of Language)

The Pilot will likely be a 24 minute episode similar in length to a T.V sit Com & potentially to be released on T.V, DVD & Short Film cinema. Also proposals 4 A full length feature presentation will be submitted 2 film studios such as Universal. WB, Disney & MGM etc

GuN describes the project to likely b a cross hybrid between The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Abba, Singin’ in The Rain, 24 Hour Party People, BBC’s The Young Ones and MTV type reality shows with preview footage to b shot in 16mm film & HD

The pioneer musician & soon 2B filmmaker plans to gain 50 lbs B4 production starts 2 capture A realistic Glen ugly Naughty & break the Hollywood Stereotype stranglehold image of indie pop stars

Did somebody mention an Oscar (askmark)

Updates will become available from YourMixedState.com


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