iTunes Flashback – Rat in The Kitchen by UB40

Recently i was feeling nostalgic & thinking bout the Grand Old Party days (pre 90’s) when i was as A young teen att school. Maybeline introduced  me the U.K’s UB40’s Rat in the Kitchen album and i was Quick to become A fan hook line & sinker. Looking back,  the L.P was one of my all  time favs. Vinyl records was the main media stay back then & how lucky 4 me 2 find 1 download version on iTunes

UB40 need no introduction 2 most butt in sum their A pop reggae/ska line up with #1 hits all over the world. My favortie song on Rat in the Kitchen is the title track plus ” Sing Our Own Song”

Track listing

Your Mixed State have applied direct 2 Apple iTunes regarding selling music on iTunes & expect 2 hear back shortly

All I Want to Do – 5:33
You Could Meet Somebody – 4:52
Tell It Like It Is – 3:36
The Elevator – 3:25
Watchdogs – 4:18
Rat in Mi Kitchen – 6:58
Looking Down at My Reflection – 3:27
Don’t Blame Me – 3:36
Sing Our Own Song – 7:21

This great iTunes flashback is only $7.99 and the copyright material supplied by Virgin Records, Ltd

Review by
Farquhar Cooper
Staff Writer


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