Period Pains – Spice Girls (Who do you think you are) on 7″ 45rpm

Imagine being sent a 7″ 45rpm 2 review @ as u look @ the front Jacket that feeling of Dejavu sinks in. u realise that you’ve slept with the entire hot all girl band last summer during pajama party Orgy inspired by A Bottle of Jack Daniels, Cocaine, Medical Marajuana and 4 sum reason, try as u might u can’t shake that uncanny feeling that somehow A Lamb was involved

O.K ,so wishful thinking aside, this an all Grrrl band that i’ve never heard of b4 called Period Pains. i like them right off the bat. Althoughth the music & style dosen’t appear 2b anything new or original it’s how i like my Porterhouse Steak;  well done.

It’s funny, catchy, & all songs swim deep with Tom the La-z-Boy armchair rebellion. It’s Eve Liberteen meets a squeaky clean Britney Spears and somehwhere in the middle there r born Period Pains. @ Times the music seems somewhat Anarcho like A Chaos U.K record or & other Times Moore like Fuzzbox. The vox are definately Moore of a pop style

Tracks List
A) Spice Girls (Who do you think you are) – A clever & funny one taking the piss out of the Spice Girls – yeah
B1) Just 17 – 17 years old teenage period pains i Guess
B2) Heroes – sounds like Chaos UK with a Saxaphone and pop vocals – my favorite on the record

Artist: Period Pains (From Reading U.K)
Title : Spice Girls (Who do you think you are)
Format: 7″ 45rpm
Label: Damaged Goods Records #135
Distribution: Shellshock

Overall it’s great & i’d like 2 hear an L.P by these chicks. O.K 2 Go Buy Now

Submission by
Stephen Rudderham
Littleport, Cambridgeshire, U.K

Review by
Glen ugly Naughty (GuN)
Your Mixed State


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