Review: Bald Cactus Zine#27 on Paper & Ink

We sent our reporters deep undercover posing as crack pipe toting Travelers 2 infultrate paper copies of Bald Cactus, an Anarchist propaganda & ditro zeen spouting disorder, chaos & corupting youth on the streets of Leeds, U.K

Since the investigative effort both reporters John Doe & Mary Jane have been forced to go “dark” a LifeSavers tactic used by Interpol, CIA, FBI, MI5,  & John Bauer of CTU 4 Staying Alive

Andy the publisher/DIY editor claims he does band interviews, articles, record/demo reviews plus promotes his punker distro label with this old fashion paper & ink zine 

Sum old sKool bands on his distro include vinyl records from Citizen Fish, Sub-Hum-Ans, Oi Polloi & Zounds; it’s all hard core grunge. Also he sells alternative books & publications such as the story of Crass etc

Pay No More Than…50p!

Andy/Bald Cactus
c/o 145-149 Cardigan Rd,
United Kingdom

Submission by Stephen Rudderham
via Royal Mail
Littleport, Cambridgeshire, U.K

Review by
Heidelberg Van Phillips
Staff Writer


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