A Poem: Labor Day Blues

September 6, 2010

Labor Day Blues is a poem written and performed by Glen ugly Naughty.

Labor Day
L.A Bor Day
Pets, Party, Friends at your house
Wine & BBQ with your spouse

(Exception: That’s of course unless your Gay
In the Golden State of California (Califor-NI-A)

Be Warned,
The mailman carries no letters today
Boy’s who carry the news are on overtime pay
So Leisure…Relax…Enjoy the sun
Weiner Dog, well done with cheese on bun.

Share Pacifica with your union boss
“Pullman Strike” stories he digs a lot
then ask…”Will Labor Day be here next year…
Points to the sea, despair
if all our Jobs are…over there?

That was Labor Day Blues a poem written & performed by Glen ugly Naughty.

Produced by Tom Ford.


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