i know Howz GoDaddy.com screw their customers

September 18, 2010

This is the last post from Your Mixed State & The Fleiss. I will be changing my label name and the band name also. Say thanks GoDaddy.com (don’t trust this company your Life; they would sell their own Mother’s soul to the Devil)

Here’s a horror story 4u

On 9/16/2010 i sent a message 2 GoDaddy.com customer service asking for my account password as i intend to re-register my domain names (Your Mixed State & The Fleiss had expired).  Both domain names were parked by GoDaddy and with an option to re-register. Available.    

9/17 /2010 GoDaddy send my password reset info butt when i go to re-register i find that both sites are parking adds for Xanax. They have been bought by a foreign company (one of their own customers).

i call GoDaddy to find out why my domain names are gone. Lucky 4 me they they offer A $69.00 + commission program to broker a price for my former names! They claim that the sites were purchased a week ago by one of their customers butt this is not true as i had been on the site the previous day (it was available). I had tipped them off with my intent to register thru customer service & the purchase information probably backdated.

i liken this type behavior as similar those who walk round with baseball bats smashing car windows to drum up business 4 their glass installation business.

Why this is important. GoDaddy.com offer services from domain name registration to full Internet site programming. When u hand over information to a business you are trusting them with sensitive information about your business, including in part…your business plans. 

GoDaddy.com has proven to me that they will hold you hostage to information they obtain thru customer service & do not understand the principle of Life Time Value of a customer. Customer service should help customers, not screw them over.

Goodbye GoDaddy.com. i wont pay your extortion scam. Yes on the phone you denied this butt give me a break I wasn’t born yesterday. I shall enjoy the day thinking of a new label and band name.



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