Spirit in the sky

March 8, 2015

Was reading Theologian text about Paul & the early Christian Pauline movement. Very early interpretation of Christianity.

Summary – Pauline, as distinct from Jesus Christ himself, disapproved of sex and alcohol consumption among Christians adding the idea or interpretation that if you drink alcohol you can not enter the kingdom of God.

Divided, many Christians, who could not choose, frowned on alcohol consumption and the church enforced their prohibition. During the enlightenment, philosophy ideas such as national identity, property ownership, prosperity, separation of church and state, bred modern 19th – 21st century realities such as 21st amendment (repeal of prohibition) on US Constitution and personal freedom to make ones own decision in life (including participation within free market commerce).

Others, who prefer to make your choices for you based on profit, entitlement, or religious grounds formed Christian fundamentalist groups such as Cult of James, Oxford Group, etc. who administer often times *forced treatment programs on unwilling patients such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous that effectively prohibit alcohol consumption on tax payers dime. A violation of civil rights.

Clearly these should be medical healthcare decisions or those of the individual, not Pauline ideas.

Keep A brother down!

Do you think that I’m being unfair? Please post comment

*not honor or accept their persistence that your being treated as a volunteer.
*Your supposed disease symptoms and confusion are of their manufacture to trick you into thinking you’re ill, & need treatment (Religious motive based on fake medical justification).
*Conspiracy among so called family, friends, educators, & administers to tell nobody if asked. Hush.
*Not answering truthfully about compensation, identity, tactics, deception, manipulation, programs, privacy, drugging, medical credentials (of fake doctors) when asked.


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