Surreal Blend Well Worth A Check Out

August 31, 2010
Surreal Blend on 97.3 Can be downloaded from PodBean

Surreal Blend on 97.3 Can be downloaded from PodBean

Surreal Blend is a killer Monday morning radio show & podcast ideal for indie & alt pop music fans. The show is hosted DJ Enzo & airs on wrir 97.3 Richmond Independent Radio (Virginia).  i did stumble upon  the show via Yahoo! Alerts (i Monitor The Fleiss) & look forward to downloading new weekly episodes 4 my iPod. 

A few cool bands on this playlist include Morrissey, Flight of the Conchord, Nada Surf, T.V on the Radio, plus an introduction to a spectrum of new bands you may not have heard yet. 

The Sun appears as a major theme for this particular episode & you can download from PodBean. 

Consistency in quality programming is vital & Surreal Blend delivers. An older 2008 archived show features bands like XTC, Blur, The Fleiss, Suede, Belle & Sebastian, Dogs Die in Hot Cars, & Clap Your Hands & Say Yeah! It’s an A+ must 4 true indie folks & radio4all hosts that show here.

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Alternative Music Podcast – Big Sky Sub Rosa

June 3, 2010

Big Sky Sub Rosa logoWho needs the facts bout bands when u can blag, wing & Guess the history, biography, discography live on your podcast. It’s close enough & that’s the way i like it baby, i don’t wanna live forever. Times r better spent on a Big Gulp of MGD than A boring fact check; that’s always been the way the west was won

Kelly, the host of the podcast explains ,”I’m trying to show kids around my area (Billings Montana) that there’s something better than FM radio and the bad metal bands that abound. There is a shocking lack of knowledge about anything going on outside our immediate community here because we’re so isolated!””

The track list includes

Big Sky Sun Rosa – Episode Three

1. Stiff Little Fingers – Gotta Gettaway
2. The 1090 Club – 2 Min. Pop Song
3. Visqueen – Houston
4. In Defence – The Only Good Thing About Pizza Is The Crust
5. My Pal Ghosty – Zombie Stomp
6. The Trashies – Sweatpants Boner
7. The Smoking Popes – No More Smiles
8. Superdrag – Lighting The Way
9. Zero Zero – True Zero
10. Killer Dreamer – Boo To That Guy
11. The Fondled – Wouldn’t Wanna Be Your Girl
12. Stiff Little Fingers – Guitar & Drum

Give it is a listen, sounds of real promise plus who can resist The Fondled

Sodit, i’m Going For A Walk with the next blog episode on my i-pod

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