Surreal Blend Well Worth A Check Out

August 31, 2010
Surreal Blend on 97.3 Can be downloaded from PodBean

Surreal Blend on 97.3 Can be downloaded from PodBean

Surreal Blend is a killer Monday morning radio show & podcast ideal for indie & alt pop music fans. The show is hosted DJ Enzo & airs on wrir 97.3 Richmond Independent Radio (Virginia).  i did stumble upon  the show via Yahoo! Alerts (i Monitor The Fleiss) & look forward to downloading new weekly episodes 4 my iPod. 

A few cool bands on this playlist include Morrissey, Flight of the Conchord, Nada Surf, T.V on the Radio, plus an introduction to a spectrum of new bands you may not have heard yet. 

The Sun appears as a major theme for this particular episode & you can download from PodBean. 

Consistency in quality programming is vital & Surreal Blend delivers. An older 2008 archived show features bands like XTC, Blur, The Fleiss, Suede, Belle & Sebastian, Dogs Die in Hot Cars, & Clap Your Hands & Say Yeah! It’s an A+ must 4 true indie folks & radio4all hosts that show here.

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CreateSpace on your Zune or iPod 4 this indie punk Grunge Record

June 13, 2010

This classic Independent 1990’s punk record called Hey Hey We’re…The Fondled is A critical album 4 any punk/grunge fans out there. As Times where A changin’ Pennywise had made an EXIT from Theologian Records 2 Bad Religion’s Epitaph label, The Fondled made a Bee Line to fill their spot on the South Bay indie circuit. The New Kids on the Block where Quick 2 rip it up all over California, the West Coast States, Southwest regions like Austin Texas and  finally they managed 2 Mould A City National Tour       

This classic Independent 1990′s punk record called Hey Hey We’re…The Fondled is A critical album 4 all punk/grunge fans out there. CreateSpace on your Zune or iPod cause u can Payless if you download the album on mp3 format. Click the image above 2 view tracks & order

Although the band was shortlived the album “Hey Hey We’re…” received Coast to Coast & International air play on the radio including Spin from Rodney on the Roq (KROQ), KXLU, KCRW, KLOS, and the late John Peel Show on the BBC Radio 1  

Cotton Candy & Blue Sox missed charting on Billboard Magazine by selling short only 21 units as Maximum Rock n Roll (MRR) prepared 2 slam the band as sell outs     

All Things Considered the album has become a Lagacy recordING for the female Frontline of punk and grunge fans alike. it’s the Choice of A New Generation of indie hipsters that Pioneer Tomorrow’s World  

The Original & Only Line up was
Harley Ryder – Les Paul – Fox on Vox plus The Leader  
Spider Head – Gay Pink Yamaha Electric Guitar
Snake Head – Hip Fender Bass
Duncan – Sloppy Pearl Jams  

Current related bands 2 The Fondled by membership include F.Y.P , Toys That Kill , Harum Scarum , Sleater Kinney, & The Fleiss  

The Fondled r punk as RAW as it’s CORE and this record is not the for light of heart. WARNING: EXPLICIT LYRICS MEANS EXPLICIT LYRICS. Although it’s songs r agressive it’s also Comedy Central  

The most popular songs on this release r Wonder Woman, Wouldn’t Wanna Be your Girl, Cotton Candy & Blue SOX, Looser Boy & Nirvana but most folks buy the album in it’s entirety  

O.K Go Throwed the Dice on A copy if your into Punk (especially female fronted grunge). Spend a few bones. The CDR from is A rippoff @ $17 butt u can Payless 4 the download thats A steal @ only $5.99 for the entire album. It’s Classic  

Go out & get em Boys  

Review by
Dr Chase Marten, PhD
Staff Writer


Alternative Music Podcast – Big Sky Sub Rosa

June 3, 2010

Big Sky Sub Rosa logoWho needs the facts bout bands when u can blag, wing & Guess the history, biography, discography live on your podcast. It’s close enough & that’s the way i like it baby, i don’t wanna live forever. Times r better spent on a Big Gulp of MGD than A boring fact check; that’s always been the way the west was won

Kelly, the host of the podcast explains ,”I’m trying to show kids around my area (Billings Montana) that there’s something better than FM radio and the bad metal bands that abound. There is a shocking lack of knowledge about anything going on outside our immediate community here because we’re so isolated!””

The track list includes

Big Sky Sun Rosa – Episode Three

1. Stiff Little Fingers – Gotta Gettaway
2. The 1090 Club – 2 Min. Pop Song
3. Visqueen – Houston
4. In Defence – The Only Good Thing About Pizza Is The Crust
5. My Pal Ghosty – Zombie Stomp
6. The Trashies – Sweatpants Boner
7. The Smoking Popes – No More Smiles
8. Superdrag – Lighting The Way
9. Zero Zero – True Zero
10. Killer Dreamer – Boo To That Guy
11. The Fondled – Wouldn’t Wanna Be Your Girl
12. Stiff Little Fingers – Guitar & Drum

Give it is a listen, sounds of real promise plus who can resist The Fondled

Sodit, i’m Going For A Walk with the next blog episode on my i-pod

Beverley Kills Demo CDR – Boxer Instigator

August 20, 2009

CDR Demo review by Glen ugly Naughty (GuN)
AutoFactCheck Beta 1a: ON

2 insure 4 less audio interference noise plus new & improved wide dynamic sounds, Beverley Kills have remastered their 2 song demo of All girl, All Grunge, Beverley-Kills-MontageTotal riot available on CDR. Life on the Dole 4 these hot United Kingdom Cambridge birds produce two original songs that ride the crest of indie pop, yet simulcast shreds of Anarchy Vanguard; that first badge & shield on the frontline fringe defence against the second coming of  another Thatcher leader of Great Britain.

Swavoski swan clear,  as if foretold by the oracle Celeste Green Tea leaves, it’s Anarchy my friends & it’s Marathon music “War of the Worlds” spirit sparks philosophy bites of reason; even George Berkeley could not deny this material! A Filler 2 end the creative void (an empty moon size crator once occupied by the mighty John Peel R.I.P) of new music creation rings miracles in your ears as if hit on the head with an Osh Shovel. Wot’s that noise in my head (askmark)

Both songs on the punk rock demo are great. The first song on the disk called Your Legacy is smooth sailing on A rough all terrian rocky road track, a reliable ride full of bounce in addition 2 the rhythmatic cascade of grungy guitar riffs, drums, bass plus a chick filla sexy vox. It’s A reminder 4 fans that the new age calendar has begun & the count down  2 revolution ticks like the second hands on a lethal clock bomb.

Winchester Riots, song #2 is bout a bout @ the Portland Arms pub in Cambridge that the local folks call the Winchester. In Accord with my best undertaking to decypher the mind bender puzzle behind the chaos, Georgie Pie, lead singer of BK, was drinking Taunton Dry Blackthorn Cider @ the zen garden when she saw through the corner of her eyes A mirror reflector of her X kiss & embrace Harley Ryder a few times. Yuk! As the landlord did Shamwow down her round table her focus was first calm…complete control…slipery slope…THEN… A SEA STORM OF RAGE!

Conflict took stage & panic among the punters spreads like cancer. Kreeang! Now like a full blown AIDS infected riot, back slaps, quick jabs, Slap Chops, pop ups, glancing blows, K.O’s, Bruce Lee death punches, Karate chops & Judo throws test the heavy metal of law enforcement who initailly stand alone butt finaly radio backup reinfocement according to standard police protocol. Dead Air Radio. The incident infamously becomes the ultimate fighting challenge & dubbed The Winchester Riots as the riot squad Keystone Coppers arrive quick smart driving Panda’s & Paddy wagons.

As car alarms & auto security devices bell loud on outside roads,  A warning shot fire barage of non lethal beanie babies aim staight into the congregation & dispurse the dazed & confused mob. Those who agitate futher are handcuffed, booked, and a date set 2 stand before a judge scratch on faces & all. 

The artwork 4 the CDR demo is great. I’ve this mad De Ja Vu feeling on the back of my mind that i’ve seen this image before. A ladies head smoking Camel cigarettes. It suspcially looks like some Quit Smoking fags advertisement i’ve read in MRR, Rolling Stone, Billboard or NME only altered slightly using Adobe Photoshop CS4 upgrade. Well, most peeps say i’m paranoid bout stuff anyhow butt sum folks think i’m a regular California Psychic.

Nuff said, this demo is the LalaPalooza of The Great Escape; an expedition to Redding might bee on the Horizon.

The Beverley Kills are Georgie, lead VOX; Kate, Guitar & backing VOX; Elisa, bass & backing VOX; & Juliette, drums & it’s worth to buy CDR copies from them to add 2 your music collection. A few quid from myspace

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