i know Howz GoDaddy.com screw their customers

September 18, 2010

This is the last post from Your Mixed State & The Fleiss. I will be changing my label name and the band name also. Say thanks GoDaddy.com (don’t trust this company your Life; they would sell their own Mother’s soul to the Devil)

Here’s a horror story 4u

On 9/16/2010 i sent a message 2 GoDaddy.com customer service asking for my account password as i intend to re-register my domain names (Your Mixed State & The Fleiss had expired).  Both domain names were parked by GoDaddy and with an option to re-register. Available.    

9/17 /2010 GoDaddy send my password reset info butt when i go to re-register i find that both sites are parking adds for Xanax. They have been bought by a foreign company (one of their own customers).

i call GoDaddy to find out why my domain names are gone. Lucky 4 me they they offer A $69.00 + commission program to broker a price for my former names! They claim that the sites were purchased a week ago by one of their customers butt this is not true as i had been on the site the previous day (it was available). I had tipped them off with my intent to register thru customer service & the purchase information probably backdated.

i liken this type behavior as similar those who walk round with baseball bats smashing car windows to drum up business 4 their glass installation business.

Why this is important. GoDaddy.com offer services from domain name registration to full Internet site programming. When u hand over information to a business you are trusting them with sensitive information about your business, including in part…your business plans. 

GoDaddy.com has proven to me that they will hold you hostage to information they obtain thru customer service & do not understand the principle of Life Time Value of a customer. Customer service should help customers, not screw them over.

Goodbye GoDaddy.com. i wont pay your extortion scam. Yes on the phone you denied this butt give me a break I wasn’t born yesterday. I shall enjoy the day thinking of a new label and band name.



Fleiss Clocks make unique Gift idea for indie fans

July 10, 2010

Fleiss Clocks are now shipping from Your Mixed State, LLC. These  unique alternative decorative clocks are hand assembled in California by Glen ugly Naughty (GuN) who inserts & glues copies of the 7″ 45rpm Fleiss record called “I’ve Disappeared” into an  IKEA Rusch clock housing.  The records clear vinyl enables viewers to read actual time with a cool alternative vinyl feel for indie lovers 

Each Fleiss clock comes with a free long lasting Energizer A.A Battery (US only) and orders are shipping USPS nationwide 

Click here to buy Fleiss Clock with free Energizer A.A Battery. $17.00 + California Tax may apply. USPS included


Originally the Fleiss clocks where scheduled to ship worldwide in 2009 but due to a logistics oversight the shipment was warped by the sun and all inventory was damaged. A new safety vanguard has been put into effect to prevent future damage 

Fleiss Clocks retail for $17.00 (USD) from YourMixedState.com & include free Energizer A.A battery 

California Sales Tax may apply & United State Postal Servie included in price 

Buy Fleiss Clock with free Energizer battery on Paypal (As of current US orders only)Contact YourMixedState

Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings Now Selling via Mail Order; Ships United States Postal Service

January 15, 2010

It’s Beanz Five Years & the new e.p Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings by The Fleiss is now available from Your Mixed State, LLC, an Independent record label based in Orange County, California. This double 7″ 45 offers 4 new Acoustasonic songs by The Fleiss & in addition includes the Freedom of download coupons so fans can add songs to their playlist; on Zune & Apple i-Pod

Click Image Ad below 2 mail order Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings on Paypal (accepts Visa)


Initially Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings will be available on YourMixedState.com 4 mail order only. It’s not available in @ HMV (U.K), Chapters (Canada), Best Buy or Barnes & Noble (USA) yet… although copies will be shipped World Wide by United States Postal Service

The First 400 copies sold on the Internet will receive a free 2005 clear vinyl release of The Fleiss called I’ve Disappeared upon request with the order. Fans should type “Freebie” when prompted to send a message during the Paypal order process. First come frist served & while stocks last only

There are 4 full songs on the e.p, one song per side & all songs can be classified as Acoustic Alternative, Indie Pop & or comedy. In an unusual move the front Double Jacket cover has text of song titles & credits displayed in Times New. The inside cover contains song lyrics & embedded in the sleeve is a download coupon with A unique code 2 access digital copies of the songs from the Internet. On the jacket rear, A text sent by Blackberry & written in Green Goat Method of Accord (GuN’s personal Philosophy of Language) explains the plight of Glen ugly Naughty, The Fleiss & Your Mixed State’s Battlefront with the major lables. It’s a riverting read thru the eyes of Manic Depression

Although this record includes free Mp3 Download Coupons 4 All songs, Folks in need of A turntable might try Target Stores who carry A wide selection of phonograph players; USB & Stand Alone

The new record is selling retail @ $8.00(USD) of which 12% ($1.00 USD) will be donated to Orange County Rescue Mission 2 help the homeless in Orange County. California orders pay 8.75% state sales tax (70 cents  per copy) It’s A great value

US Postal Service
48 Contegious States $1.73 (1 copy) $2.58 (2 copies)
Alaska & Hawaiin $2.07 (1 copy) $2.58 (2 copies)
Rest of the World/International $5.44 (1 copy) $8.84 (2 copies)
For volume orders please contact Your Mixed State,LLC

Produced using high quality manufacture technique on Southern California soil, Your Mixed State guarentee that the records strong physical quality & cutting edge content will make u smile

Click Image Ad above 2 mail order Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings on Paypal (accepts Visa)

Track listing includes…

Side A) Anarchy On A Small Business Blog (Jan Norman’s Small Business Blog) – Glen Naughty forgets his antipsychotic meds (Johnson Risperdal) & decides to self medicate dropping A LSD Acid Tab instead.  While picking up tips 4 Your Mixed State, LLC on Jan’s Normans blog his Pearson Prentice Focus on Problem Solving shifts 2 flashbacks of the Vietnam War Mai Lai Massacre; the twist, he was never actually there butt remembers the orders of William Callie & its Horror well. Death by Government. This song’s lyrics were written riding A Care Ambulance driven by Nascar Champion Buddy Rice transporting GuN  from Mayo Clinic 2 Kaiser Permanente psych ward during A Narcotics Anonymous (N.A) Drug rehab program. World Famous Flashback

Side B) Stephen J Proctor Jr (Z-Billionaire) – Delusions of Grandeur. GuN protests Stephen Forbe’s Billionaire list, his Beef cannot remain silent anymore. The Singer accuses Forbes of redlining his prestigious list by excluding Gay Billionaires. Glen Naughty cries out his friends great traits & demands Stephen J Proctor Jr (Z_Billionaire) be included on the list 4 making A Billion US dollars remodeling apartments & flats despite the fact he’s  A trannie & A Queer . Celebrity voice impersonated   

Side X) The Worldwide Fleiss Tour (Fleiss Can’t Play The Warped Tour! 😦 – Jack’s Breaking news outside the Key club in Hollywood, California USA reveals Kevin Lyman (the promoter of The Warped Tour) has called The Fleiss music Waste Management & says Glen ugly Naughty is 2 Fat 2 play; A lost Alchoholic loser. GuN laments & reflects upon all his hard work writing protest songs on Yamaha guitars,  Guerrilla Publicity plus Myspace & Facebook advertising promotions. He fears All his hard effort will may become A waste of breath & break his heart

Side Z) A Wall Street Toy (Drat that Young Bloody Murdoch!!!) ((Imagine it’s live @ Staples Center)) – At A recent secret David Bowie gig GuN drinks half a bottle of Jamison Irish Whisky, sneaks past Staples Center security with his Fender Acoustasonic amp, powers up & plays A Wall Street Toy to a great receptive audience. During the catchy song  accusations fly of how AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson is linetapping WMG; they still remain unanswered. In additions, rumors r already circulating around as 2 why Young James Murdoch stole GuN’s Honey on Southwest Airlines

u can listen to sum samples of the music on this promotional Video Stream. This is a temproary vid as A new & improved video is coming soon or u can order the record online here

For customer service please e-mail Your Mixed State

Buy A copy t0day

Master Sent to Rainbo Records via Priority Mail

Blueprint Equals Newsprint

December 12, 2009
Your Mixed State announce the structure of the e.p by The Fleiss called Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings. All songs written & performed by Glen ugly Naughty (Gun) (c) 2009 BMI. The record is A gatefold 7″ 45rpm with download coupons so you can also listen to the songs on your Zune or i-pod
Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings New Fleiss Double 45rpm 2 x 7"

First release on Your Mixed State titled Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings

In an unusual move, full e.p credit listing are on the front jacket of the e.p & text 4 the four Acoustasoinc LUV songs lyrics are published within the gatefold pages. The rear back jacket tells the story & plight of Fleiss Singer Glen ugly Naughty, his friends & his Battlefront 2 fight against the major lables. A riveting read. The Jacket uses craftsman design & utilizes newspaper motif to capture appeal of the growing indie pop market  

Contents 2 x 7″ 45 rpm records plus download coupons.
Side A – Anarchy On A Small Business Blog (Jan Norman’s Blog)
Side B – Stephen J Proctor Jr (Z-BILLIONAIRE)
Side x – The Worldwide Fleiss Tour (Fleiss Can’t Play The Warped Tour 😦
Side z – A Wall Street Toy (Imagine it’s live @ The Staples Center)
((Drat That Young Bloody Murdoch!)) 

Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings will initially be available 4 distribution @ www.YourMixedState.com only. Licensing to retail distributors is an option on a case by case basis only. 

The following pricing structure will apply
Fat Nobles Kings Eat Buffalo Wings (Gatefold 2×7″ 45rpm plus download coupons) $8.00 (USD)
of which $1.00 (12.5%) of each record selling from Your Mixed State will be donated to The Orange County Rescue.  Mission http://www.rescuemission.org/ to help the homeless in Orange County, California
An additional 8.75% Retail Sales Tax will apply to orders placed in California State (70 cents 4 Arnold Schwarzenegger 2 help bridge the California State deficit Gap)
An additional $2.00 US Domesitc Shipping  (48 contiguous states) i.e Mail Order 4 United States Postal Service Per copy i.c CA, PA, MN, DC, NY
An additional $4.00 shipping for International Mail Order (AK, HI plus U.K, i.e London, Scotland, Wales, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand 

Method of payment on Your Mixed State will be Paypal which accepts Visa & other major credit cards 

The Specials: First 400 copies sold from Your Mixed State will get a 2 fer; a free copy of The Fleiss 7″ 45rpm I’ve Disappeared on clear vinyl)

The e.p will not be availble 4 Christmas 09 fullfillment but will be entering preselling mode which will ship in Jan 2010. Get the 2fer

Front Jacket Credits:  All demo tracks recorded Sunday Morning by Goldman Q Weiss (New York City)
except track Z by Tom H Ford @ Lloyd’s Barn (London), track X Heidi Y! Wachovia (Austria)
& track A by Suzuki Lee Mitzubishi (Japan). Executive Producer Ben Bus Dole (Littleport U.K)
Orange County & Los Angeles Communications on the phone visa AT&T, British Telecom & Horizon brand Telepathy.
Produced on Cakewalk Sonar Producer (30 day free trial), M-Audio Firewire sound cards,
Yamaha AXP 900 Guitars, Fender Acoustasonic II Amplifiers, Mogami Gold Professional Audio Cables,
Cleartone Strings, Grand Mariner brand Harper, Shure 57 Mikes & Proline stands. Text Adobe Illustrator CS4
Celebrity Voice Impersonated, Stephen Forbes by Steve “Zen Weazel” Richards & Jack Low as himself
Professional Sound Clippers by ProductionTrax.com & samples by GuN on Zoom H4
Collective Bargaining Local 7 & Strike Breaker by Stryker Management. Smash the state!
Guitar Center & Sam Ash credit. Focus on quality is Paramount. Green Goat Method of Accord on All tracks.
Record pressing Rainbo Records, Canoga Park, California © 2009 Your Mixed State™, LLC

Please join our e-mail list or contact Your Mixed State via Yahoo! mail 4 moore info

The Fleiss – Update on current test set list 1

August 2, 2009

The Fleiss – Update on current test set list 1

Stanley Freeman (Eccentric Bugle Champion & Defender)
Stephen J Proctor Jr (Z-BILLIONAIRE)
Argumentum Ad Misercordiam (Buy Fleiss 45’s)
Fargo on Horizon (waiting for Moe)
Forever 21 (Lillies on the casket)
The Worldwide Fleiss Tour (Fleiss can’t play the Warped Tour)
A Wall Street Toy (Drat that Young Murdoch!)
Anarchy on A Small Business Blog (Jan Normans Blog)
One Miller Sun (orange jackets on the grassy knoll)
Nirvana #4 (Santa Monica Classic Club Mix)
Reid Magazines (Heart in repair)
I’ve Disappeared – limited edition from 7″ 45rpm
A Whore Called Renee – clear vinyl b side from 7″ 45rpm

Plus 2 new songs in progress

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