Glen Naughty banned from “Ultimate Social Artist” 2010 Contest

August 25, 2010

Frontrunner candidate, Glen ugly Naughty (GuN) has been banned from the Ultimate Social Artist” 2010 Contest.

The shocking news stunned indie pop fans country wide who support The Fleiss music.

Damon Cleveland, the C.E.O of, (the company who runs the competition) revealed evidence of register fraud and accused the artist of blatant “Tom Foolery”. He states, “It’s clear Glen Naughty has purchased INXS of 1000 copies of his own song title A Wall Street Toy in order to deceive the judges & win the sweepstakes. The decision to ban the artist was a difficult one, yet a necessary evil. Good riddance to bad rubbish”

Glen Naughty was not available for comment. According to his publicist Tom Ford, GuN is overseas on Safari in Switzerland butt denies any wrong doing. He plans to appeal the decision by citing the Book of James.

by Gay Murdoch
Special Report


Test Pressing Arrives UPS from Rainbo Records

December 4, 2009

Great news! My test pressing did arrive from Rainbo Records on UPS today

A test pressing may also be called a White Label which is essentially A Dummy record that can be played and tested before the full product run.
I did check the record for errors and it seems to be AOK.. There are 4 sides to the upcoming Fleiss 45 so 4 copies of 4 sides where issues as test pressings

Wow! Rick Lepore delivered as promised All 4  sides, A,B,X & Z of the new upcoming e.p Fleiss release on Your Mixed Stare, LLC titled “Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings”. The quality of the record manufacture is outstanding & I AM looking forward to the full run that will include the artwork & full track listing.. I told Rick to “Lock & Load” & “Send the Wax to the Max”  (a music biz term 4 “”Start of full production run”). He told me selling of vinyl records especially 7″ 45′ is on the upturn & they are busy selling all kinds of records for Christmas

As you can see my desk in The Office is a mess right now (i need a professional organizer) butt things are allways Mad @ Your Mixed State

Here is a Coolpix of the Test Pressing. The A side 4 The Fleiss e.p “Fat Noble Kings Eat Buffalo Wings” is called “Anarchy On A Small Business Blog – (Jan Norman’s Blog)'” It’s been specially remixed 4 vinyl

Here is a rare picture of a test pressing. As u can see Quality is Job #1

Additional updates & details of the new record from Your Mixed State, LLC will be coming soon so join our Feedburner to always be connected


The Fleiss Tee Shirts Available from AudioLife

August 1, 2009

Be cool as fuck like Glen Naughty! You can use the AudioLife widget to buy American Apparel, Hanes & Bella tees plus mp3 song files & ringtones from The Fleiss. The new Your Mixed State plain white tee’s show a 7″ 45rpm record of the propsed “4 Acoustasonic LUV Songs” on a music notes tab background. A wide range of folks will take pride owning this great shirt from out of control tweens, grungy teens all the way up to the Dead Heads & all in between. This is the record the major lables are trying to kill. A quality design of black ink printed on cotton custom designed by GuN himself on Adobe Illustrator. The tee shirt lists the song names A Wall Street Toy, Stephen J Proctor Jr, Anarchy On A Small Business Blog & The Worldwide Fleiss Tour. It’s also a reminder for fans to focus on quality.

Feel free to copy code & share the AudioLife widget.

Buy your The Fleiss “4 Acoustasonic LUV Songs” tee’s today

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