A Poem: Labor Day Blues

September 6, 2010

Labor Day Blues is a poem written and performed by Glen ugly Naughty.

Labor Day
L.A Bor Day
Pets, Party, Friends at your house
Wine & BBQ with your spouse

(Exception: That’s of course unless your Gay
In the Golden State of California (Califor-NI-A)

Be Warned,
The mailman carries no letters today
Boy’s who carry the news are on overtime pay
So Leisure…Relax…Enjoy the sun
Weiner Dog, well done with cheese on bun.

Share Pacifica with your union boss
“Pullman Strike” stories he digs a lot
then ask…”Will Labor Day be here next year…
Points to the sea, despair
if all our Jobs are…over there?

That was Labor Day Blues a poem written & performed by Glen ugly Naughty.

Produced by Tom Ford.


Surreal Blend Well Worth A Check Out

August 31, 2010
Surreal Blend on 97.3 Can be downloaded from PodBean

Surreal Blend on 97.3 Can be downloaded from PodBean

Surreal Blend is a killer Monday morning radio show & podcast ideal for indie & alt pop music fans. The show is hosted DJ Enzo & airs on wrir 97.3 Richmond Independent Radio (Virginia).  i did stumble upon  the show via Yahoo! Alerts (i Monitor The Fleiss) & look forward to downloading new weekly episodes 4 my iPod. 

A few cool bands on this playlist include Morrissey, Flight of the Conchord, Nada Surf, T.V on the Radio, plus an introduction to a spectrum of new bands you may not have heard yet. 

The Sun appears as a major theme for this particular episode & you can download from PodBean. 

Consistency in quality programming is vital & Surreal Blend delivers. An older 2008 archived show features bands like XTC, Blur, The Fleiss, Suede, Belle & Sebastian, Dogs Die in Hot Cars, & Clap Your Hands & Say Yeah! It’s an A+ must 4 true indie folks & radio4all hosts that show here.

Glen ugly Naughty (GuN)
Artsit & New Gossip Columnist


CreateSpace on your Zune or iPod 4 this indie punk Grunge Record

June 13, 2010

This classic Independent 1990’s punk record called Hey Hey We’re…The Fondled is A critical album 4 any punk/grunge fans out there. As Times where A changin’ Pennywise had made an EXIT from Theologian Records 2 Bad Religion’s Epitaph label, The Fondled made a Bee Line to fill their spot on the South Bay indie circuit. The New Kids on the Block where Quick 2 rip it up all over California, the West Coast States, Southwest regions like Austin Texas and  finally they managed 2 Mould A City National Tour       

This classic Independent 1990′s punk record called Hey Hey We’re…The Fondled is A critical album 4 all punk/grunge fans out there. CreateSpace on your Zune or iPod cause u can Payless if you download the album on mp3 format. Click the image above 2 view tracks & order

Although the band was shortlived the album “Hey Hey We’re…” received Coast to Coast & International air play on the radio including Spin from Rodney on the Roq (KROQ), KXLU, KCRW, KLOS, and the late John Peel Show on the BBC Radio 1  

Cotton Candy & Blue Sox missed charting on Billboard Magazine by selling short only 21 units as Maximum Rock n Roll (MRR) prepared 2 slam the band as sell outs     

All Things Considered the album has become a Lagacy recordING for the female Frontline of punk and grunge fans alike. it’s the Choice of A New Generation of indie hipsters that Pioneer Tomorrow’s World  

The Original & Only Line up was
Harley Ryder – Les Paul – Fox on Vox plus The Leader  
Spider Head – Gay Pink Yamaha Electric Guitar
Snake Head – Hip Fender Bass
Duncan – Sloppy Pearl Jams  

Current related bands 2 The Fondled by membership include F.Y.P , Toys That Kill , Harum Scarum , Sleater Kinney, & The Fleiss  

The Fondled r punk as RAW as it’s CORE and this record is not the for light of heart. WARNING: EXPLICIT LYRICS MEANS EXPLICIT LYRICS. Although it’s songs r agressive it’s also Comedy Central  

The most popular songs on this release r Wonder Woman, Wouldn’t Wanna Be your Girl, Cotton Candy & Blue SOX, Looser Boy & Nirvana but most folks buy the album in it’s entirety  

O.K Go Throwed the Dice on A copy if your into Punk (especially female fronted grunge). Spend a few bones. The CDR from Amazon.com is A rippoff @ $17 butt u can Payless 4 the download thats A steal @ only $5.99 for the entire album. It’s Classic  

Go out & get em Boys  

Review by
Dr Chase Marten, PhD
Staff Writer


Review: Bald Cactus Zine#27 on Paper & Ink

June 12, 2010

We sent our reporters deep undercover posing as crack pipe toting Travelers 2 infultrate paper copies of Bald Cactus, an Anarchist propaganda & ditro zeen spouting disorder, chaos & corupting youth on the streets of Leeds, U.K

Since the investigative effort both reporters John Doe & Mary Jane have been forced to go “dark” a LifeSavers tactic used by Interpol, CIA, FBI, MI5,  & John Bauer of CTU 4 Staying Alive

Andy the publisher/DIY editor claims he does band interviews, articles, record/demo reviews plus promotes his punker distro label with this old fashion paper & ink zine 

Sum old sKool bands on his distro include vinyl records from Citizen Fish, Sub-Hum-Ans, Oi Polloi & Zounds; it’s all hard core grunge. Also he sells alternative books & publications such as the story of Crass etc

Pay No More Than…50p!

Andy/Bald Cactus
c/o 145-149 Cardigan Rd,
United Kingdom

Submission by Stephen Rudderham
via Royal Mail
Littleport, Cambridgeshire, U.K

Review by
Heidelberg Van Phillips
Staff Writer

Betty & The Werewolves – euston station on 7″ 45rpm

June 5, 2010

Got the new Sony Turntable hooked up 2 the Emerson Amplifier Aux so spinning 45’s all night with my friends Sam Adams and Johnny Walker. Gonna b the D.J. HavING A Grand Old Party here smoking Camel cig, B&Hs &  Medical Emergency Bud butt i’ve an intimation i’m gonna trip when i stand up, The Doors knocking.  Ouch!

Anoher U.K submission from Damaged Goods Records who r  quickly becoming my modern Day 4AD loyalty wise. Their bands are all rockin & seem to do alot of indie POP. which is really wot i like

Anyways this is the second 7″ 45 rpm i’ve reviewd by Betty & The Werewolves. The First was called Daivd Cassidy which I thought was a great piece of Wax butt it’s my Opinion that “Euston Station” takes the cake when it comes to comparrison soley cause it has a great b side in addition to the A  

Betty and the Werewolves on myspace. Image used without permission

It’s another great POP single . Foxy ladies, Fuzzbox guitars, tight drums and bass, plus melodic female pop vox on the Frontline. Rather than try to describe the music in words you can visit their myspace page & listen 4 yourself although the streaming does not capture the essence and charms of their vinyl release

Gotta Go, my mate Stanley Freeman is knocking on the door & gonna give me music lessons; teach me 2 play me TAPS on The Bugle. Wake up the Neighbours ha ha ha

It’s Party City

Track List
Side A) euston station – great rhythm melody & scale
Side B) wind-up  – finally a great B side from Betty & The Werewolves

Artist: Betty & The Werewolves  (From London U.K)
Title : euston station
Format: 7″ 45rpm
Label: Damaged Goods Records #312

Submission by Stephen Rudderham
via Royal Mail
Littleport, Cambridgeshire, U.K

Review by
Glen ugly Naughty (GuN)
Your Mixed State

Period Pains – Spice Girls (Who do you think you are) on 7″ 45rpm

June 5, 2010

Imagine being sent a 7″ 45rpm 2 review @ as u look @ the front Jacket that feeling of Dejavu sinks in. u realise that you’ve slept with the entire hot all girl band last summer during pajama party Orgy inspired by A Bottle of Jack Daniels, Cocaine, Medical Marajuana and 4 sum reason, try as u might u can’t shake that uncanny feeling that somehow A Lamb was involved

O.K ,so wishful thinking aside, this an all Grrrl band that i’ve never heard of b4 called Period Pains. i like them right off the bat. Althoughth the music & style dosen’t appear 2b anything new or original it’s how i like my Porterhouse Steak;  well done.

It’s funny, catchy, & all songs swim deep with Tom the La-z-Boy armchair rebellion. It’s Eve Liberteen meets a squeaky clean Britney Spears and somehwhere in the middle there r born Period Pains. @ Times the music seems somewhat Anarcho like A Chaos U.K record or & other Times Moore like Fuzzbox. The vox are definately Moore of a pop style

Tracks List
A) Spice Girls (Who do you think you are) – A clever & funny one taking the piss out of the Spice Girls – yeah
B1) Just 17 – 17 years old teenage period pains i Guess
B2) Heroes – sounds like Chaos UK with a Saxaphone and pop vocals – my favorite on the record

Artist: Period Pains (From Reading U.K)
Title : Spice Girls (Who do you think you are)
Format: 7″ 45rpm
Label: Damaged Goods Records #135
Distribution: Shellshock

Overall it’s great & i’d like 2 hear an L.P by these chicks. O.K 2 Go Buy Now

Submission by
Stephen Rudderham
Littleport, Cambridgeshire, U.K

Review by
Glen ugly Naughty (GuN)
Your Mixed State

The Man Who Sold The World Was John Peel

June 4, 2010

On 26th October 2004  i remember the BBC announcing that John Peel had died of A Heart Attack while on working holiday in Peru (lies: actually i   

Book: John Peel - a tribute to the much-loved DJ and Broadcaster by Mick Wall Lays on A "Half Man Half Biscuit" John Peel Session Record

heard it re-announced from Steve Jones on the now defunct Jonesey’s JukeBox show on indie 103.1 as he secretly listened in on Radio 1 NeWS). It was indeed A sad & nostalgic day 4 the Sub Pop Culture music runaway underground scene booming in Great Britain & the rest of the world including Los Angeles & Orange County

This skillfully crafted tribute & biography of John Peel’s Life is A necessary book that fits Hand in Glove in any music lovers library   

Mick Wall’s stylized script makes this book so EZY to read; it’s full of facts, trivia, philosophy & insight. The paper pages & ink flickr through your fingers with ease & it’s genuinely A riveting read regardless of your existing knowledge of John Peel’s Life & that of his Happy Family. His impact on alternative music , punk & indie, pop becomes exponentially profound      

Highlights within the 231 pages of this hardcover gem include a fantastic insight into the Life & Ambition of the legendary British Radio 1 host, 16  pages of photographs including color, school, weddings, wife & Coolpix of J.P with stars like Kylie Minogue. A full listing of Peel’s Festive 50 (His Radio Show’s Annual Christmas Top 50 Countdown) spanning from 1976-2003 plus The All Time (Millennium) 50 timeless Spins. Imagine your band on The List! 

According to the book Peel has the largest record collection in the world that includes 26,000 vinyl L.P’s & 40,000 7″ 45 rpm singles plus other less meaningful media     

John Peel played an instrumental role with hundreds of indie bands from around the world including The Fall, The Undertones, Futureheads, Billy Brag, The Strokes , Nine Inch Nails, The Flaming Lips, Belle & Sebestian, The Wedding Present, Inspiral Carpets, Happy Mondays & Pavement.  In addition many Classic punk bands including The Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Echo & The Bunneymen, The Cure, The Smiths, New Order, Joy Division, David Bowie &  even The Fondled. Strangeways,  Oddites, Risk & LUV was how The Game of Life was played by John Peel. A Legacy of Perpeptual Operation From The Cradle to The Grave  

My only criticism of the book is A small omission; perhaps not 2 Well known by the General Public & fable 2 only a few select industry insiders. Sadly John Peel’s passing happened only hours before his plan to break “The Fleiss” white label 7″ 45rpm  single of  “I’ve Disappeared” on the U.K underground sub mix market. HMV & Virgin Mega stores where forced 2 return all singles by DHL trucks 2 Your Mixed State in California as advertising plans, tour schedules & A rare appearnce on Top of Pops where temporarily forced off the road. A small detour butt the show must go on  

If u wanna know where the alternative music is going & why it is what is in the USA Today, One must know from whenst it came & this book tells all, spills the Beanz  

There’s 2 many cool tidbits & amazing stuff 2 cover this book fully so i say O.K Go Buy Now

p.s The OC indie hipsters who think that John Peel is buried under The Haunted Mansion @ Disneyland are fucking unbelievable twats

Title: John Peel – A Tribute to the much-loved DJ & Broadcaster
Author: Mick Wall
Publisher: Orion Books
ISBN: 0-75287-212-5
Year: 2004  

Submission by Stephen Rudderham
via Royal Mail
Littleport , Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom  

Review by
Luke Walden
Staff Writer
Your Mixed State, LLC


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